- studies composition at the Faculty of Music of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague in the class of Luboš Mrkvička, Michal Rataj and (Hanuš Bartoň 2017-2019), he participated in the Erasmus exchange program at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater "Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy" in Leipzig, in the class of Fabien Lévy and electro-acoustic music with Prof. Ipke Starke.  He studied at the Conservatory in Bratislava with Peter Martinček, then composition in the class of Vladimír Bokes (2013-2017) and conducting with Juraj Jartim (2015-2017), with the Czech conductor Hynek Farkač at the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory (2018-2020).

.his current compositional work is based on the pillars of analysis and various transformations of sound recordings, the result of which serves as an inspirational cohesive material in various elements. The result of the analysis is combined at various points in the traditional composition. (instrumentation, a combination of instruments, chordal timing, etc.). The formal aspect is the simultaneous combination of several harmonic layers and their implementation over time. In his work, we hear a summary of avant-garde information from the second half of the twentieth century, a post-Webern tradition, and also inspiration from spectral music. An integral part of his work is the use of advanced tool techniques and their hierarchization in the compositional process.

- He's currently a student of orchestral conducting at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava (Marián Lejava, Ondrej Šaray). - 

.since 2020, he has led the student ensemble Ensemble Terrible, with whom he premiered his chamber opera finitika, a chamber opera about the end of human evolution. A recent success was the guest appearance of the soloist Martin Adámek. In 2022 he presented two projects with 12 new works by composers from the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and the USA.He conducted the project eroica > re:destructed, where he performed recompositions of Beethoven's Eroica. 

.as a conductor, he is active in a variety of styles, particularly as a chamber music conductor, with an emphasis on the interpretation of new music. He has conducted the premieres of his own compositions as well as those of other composers. As a choirmaster, he worked in the Trinity Church in Bratislava. He has worked with ensembles such as Ensemble Terrible, the Orchestra and Choir of the Bratislava Conservatory, the Chamber Orchestra of the Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory, and the Prague Mixed Choir.

.his compositions are regularly performed at various Slovak and Czech festivals, such as Asynchronie, a project of the SOUNDME. Recently, his audiovisual compositions were performed in concerts by the Swedish group FMT Musik-SPETRA in Sweden, Brazil, and Malaysia.

He was awarded in two international competitions - 

Generace - 2nd place - category up to 21 years for .wenn ich schriee for ensemble - 2019

1. International compositional competitions of Zdeněk Fibich in the composition of melodramas for melodrama 32´14 based on lyrics by Slovak poet/director Kristián Grupáč - 2019

Competition to commemorate the Roma Holocaust for his composition .les victimes de  l´ombre for voice, viola da gamba, and electronics. - 2021



 .jouissance_i (2023), for chamber ensemble /info/

 .jouissance_h (2023), for flute solo /info/

 .jouissance_g (2023), for cl., pno., vn., vcl. /info/

 .jouissance_f (2023), for chamber ensemble /info/

 .jouissance_e (2022), for ensemble /info/

 .jouissance_d (2021/2022), for string quartet /info/

 .jouissance_c (2022), for chamber ensemble /info/

 .funktionslust : -S- ub (2021/2022), for chamber ensemble /info/

 .les victimes de l'ombre (2021), for voice,gamba, electronics /info/

 .funktionslust : C (2020/2021), for 4 ensembles/orchestra /info/

 .finitika (2020), chamber opera /info/

 .funktionslust : L (2020), for 7 instruments /info/

 .funktionslust : R (2019/2020), for ensemble /info/

 32´14 (2019), melodrama for reciter and piano

 .funktionslust (2019), for kantele and electronics /info/

 .jouissance_b (2019), for 5 instruments&live_electronics /info/

 .14_93 .piano concerto (2018/2019), for piano and orchestra /info/

.wenn ich schriee (2018), for ensemble /info/

.o salutaris hostia.. (2018), for alto, strings, tape /info/

.jouissance_a (2018), for 4 instruments

.canticum graduum (2018), for violin and ensemble /info/

.musica brevis (2017), for piano trio /info/

.quando io movo... (2017), for tenor and three instruments

.screwed world (2017), for soprano and ensemble, according to Pavla Pisar's poem

.split (2017), for violin and piano /info/

.constitit (2017), for string orchestra and electronics  

.im memoriam John Cage (2017), sonatina for violoncello 

Preludium and Chaconne (2017), for organ .  

Odlet(ˇ) (2017)for organ .  

Et ne nos... (2016), for soprano and ensemble /info/

Fantastic pieces (2016)

Icons (2016), for baritone, female choir and chamber orchestra, on the texts by Daniel Pastirčák ( Night Icon - Time Icon - Shining Icon )

String Quartet no.0,5 (2016)

Miniatures (2015) for trumpet and piano

Eight preludes for piano (2014-2015)

Wind Quintet (2014)


Prečo je nebo belasé (2019), for video&electronics.(33').*Crosscurrents and Nodes, june-2019, Örebro, Sweden

 .re_jouissance(270.3-285) (2019), for 2 instruments&live_electronics /info/

Neotravujte! (2018), Live electroacoustic improvisation form opening (vernisage) of Markéta Jáchimová exebition Raum in Atrium in Žižkov.(33').Yanina Alachnovič -flutes, Patrik Kako - electronics